ⓘ Slavic Orpheus is a theatrical play by Serbian playwright Zoran Stefanovic, in which the ancient Balkan-Thracian myth is interpreted in the language of geopolit ..


ⓘ Slavic Orpheus

Slavic Orpheus is a theatrical play by Serbian playwright Zoran Stefanovic, in which the ancient Balkan-Thracian myth is interpreted in the language of geopolitics, Slavic rituals and science fiction.

The theatrical premiere was performed in North Macedonia by the "Anton Panov" National Theater in Strumica 1992 and the radio performance in Serbia by the Radio Belgrade Drama Program 2002.

The play "Slavic Orpheus" directed by Goran Trenchovski 1992 is one of the founding plays of post-Yugoslav dramaturgy and theater in Macedonia and Serbia.

Drama has been favorably received by both domestic and foreign critics, has entered in foreign encyclopedias and the history of drama and theater. It has been published in print and electronic form several times, and a television adaptation of the Strumica performance by the state Macedonian Television has been broadcast more than twenty times via satellite in the 20th and 21st century.

Translations: Macedonian by Goran Trenchovski 1992, English by Dragana Rajkov 2002, Ukrainian 2010 and Russian 2011 by Ludmila Markyevich.

An adaptation into the comic book series by Zoran Tucic and Vujadin Radovanovic has been exhibited at several comics exhibitions in Serbia.


1. Characters

  • Lachesis, the fate
  • Maenad–"Frenzied one";
  • Pan, but also Cerberus;
  • Orpheus, but also is "Apollo" and Leader–Evilboder;
  • Atropos, the fate
  • Dionysus, but also Zeus, Aristaeus-Serpent, and Hades;
  • Sibyl;
  • Apollo;
  • Chloto, the fate
  • Nymphs and Satyrs, that are also "Gods," "Goddesses," "Judges," "Dead Souls," and Recruits.
  • Eurydice, but also "Hera";

2. Awards and recognitions

  • 1992 The Macedonian play was included in the official selection of notable Belgrade International Theatre Festival BITEF, but the Macedonian Ministry of Culture banned visiting Belgrade, based on the United Nations embargo on Yugoslavia which included culture.
  • 1993: Ekran Magazine, Skopje. Strumica Theater performance nominated for best performance in the Republic of Macedonia in 1992.
  • 2010: Italian encyclopedia "De Agostini" lists Stefanovic among the four most significant Serbian playwrights in the post-Yugoslav period, because of Slavic Orpheus.
  • 2002: Serbian radio version nominated for "Prix Europa" in Berlin.
  • 2012: Theatrological books edition "Slavic Orpheus" began in Macedonia, which has published the books of Boro Draskovic, Sasko Nasev, Goran Trenchovski and Zoran Stefanovic so far.
  • 1992: Josip Kolundzic Award for Best Drama at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, 1991–1992.

3. Critical reception

  • Successful symbiosis of ancient myth and modern mass media experience. - Gojko Bozovic, Pobjeda daily, Podgorica 1992.
  • Dramatic text by Zoran Stefanovic is given in a humorous and very interesting projection. - Ranko Buric, Politika daily, Belgrade, 2002.

4. Literature

  • Stamenkovic, Vladimir. Review of the book by Zoran Stefanovic "Slavic Orpheus and Other Plays", 1995.
  • Knezevic, Dubravka. In Defense of Difference afterword of Zoran Stefanovics book "Slavic Orpheus and other plays", 1995.