ⓘ Dewesoft is a Slovenian multinational, a privately held engineering and electronics company headquartered in Trbovlje, Eastern-central Slovenia, with more than ..


ⓘ Dewesoft

Dewesoft is a Slovenian multinational, a privately held engineering and electronics company headquartered in Trbovlje, Eastern-central Slovenia, with more than 200 employees globally. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of data acquisition software and hardware mainly providing measurement solutions.


1.1. History The years 2000-2010

Dewesoft was founded on December 28 in the year 2000 by Jure Knez, Andrej Orozen, Franz Degen and Herbert Wernigg in Trbovlje, Slovenia. The company became a strategic alliance partner and provider of data acquisition software to Dewetron which was positioned in Austria. Jure Knez and Andrej Orozen took management positions. 2001 was the year when first data acquisition software was released. It was named Dewesoft 5.0. It was sold in the United States and Asia markets. The software was patented in the US and Eu patent office in 2002. In 2003 the company released new data acquisition software named Dewesoft 6.0 which introduced essential features for automotive, telemetry, power measurements and power analysis. In the same year the company is also recognized for entrepreneurial excellence from the Business Daily Newspaper Finance in Slovenia. In 2003 Dewesoft played an important role in replacement of old paper recorders at the LCC Launch Control Center at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Paper recorders were replaced with DEWE-4000 model made by Dewetron. These systems were based on Dewesoft 6 data acquisition software made in Dewesoft. Also the Dewesoft engineers were entrusted to work at NASA where they developed digital interfaces for direct acceptance of digital telemetry data and high-speed network data from NASA’s SCRAMnet interface. Those telemetry interfaces are still in use today by Dewesoft’s clients around the world. They use it for aerospace and defense sectors. In 2007 Dewesoft decided to change the ownership structure of the company. 2% od shares were given to the software development engineers. They also start focusing on integration of hardware and software devices and systems to perform special measurement tasks. In 2008 Franz Degen and Herbert Wernigg left the Dewetron company. In the same year Dewesoft developed its first data acquisition hardware named DEWE-43 which is a multichannel data acquisition system. The product is still popular today after many hardware revisions. This instrument was later awarded as Product of the Year award by NASAs Tech Briefs magazine. In the same year the founders Knez and Orozen received the Slovenian Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The company also releases a new instrument called MINITAUR which is combined with DEWE-43 hardware but also have built-in PC and SSD storage. In 2009 Dewesoft launched an online webshop for selling their data acquisition systems. Also Dewesoft opened the first international direct sales and support office of Dewesoft Austria and Hong Kong. In the same year NASA Tech Briefs Magazine awarded DEWE-43 the Instrument of the Year award. Dewesoft also launched new updated data acquisition software named Dewesoft 7.0. It was a large update where they completely changed graphical user interface and added new features to the program.


1.2. History Years 2010-2020

In 2010 they introduced SIRIUS® data acquisition system. Innovation of this product is a system connecting to computers via USB and/or EtherCAT and Dewesofts DualCoreADC® technology. This product was the first measuring instrument sold on the market under the Dewesoft brand. In the same year they launched SBOX SSD data logger with a processing computer. Also they opened the Dewesoft Singapore direct sales and support office. Dewesoft in 2011 celebrated the companys 10th anniversary with the first international Dewesoft Measurement Conference in Trbovlje. Year 2012 is a major breakthrough for the company since they launched the new data acquisition software package Dewesoft X Software. It was the first time when the company completely abandoned support for 3rd party analog DAQ hardware. The new software, Dewesoft X, supported exclusively Dewesoft DAQ hardware. They made this software free of charge with lifetime free upgrades for the customers who acquired their data acquisition hardware. That made Dewesoft X commercially unavailable. In the same year Slovenian daily newspaper Dnevnik also rewarded the company with Golden Award for the Fastest Growing Company in Slovenia. Dewesoft in 2012 expanded even more and opened their direct sales and support offices in Germany and United States. 2013 was the year of launching the KRYPTON® product for field measurement acquisition, which is based on EtherCAT technology. The company also organized the 2nd international Dewesoft Measurement Conference hosting over 100 measurement professionals from all around the world. In the 2014 Dewesoft complets ISO audit and received ISO certification on standards 9001 and 14001. Slovenian Chamber of Commerce also awarded the company for entrepreneurial and business achievements. In 2015 they opened new direct sales and support offices in Taiwan and acquired representatives in 38 countries worldwide. They also launched the R2DB DAQ system which is compact, mobile data acquisition system with a built-in data logger and data processing computer. They also hosted the 3rd international Dewesoft Measurement Conference in Lasko, Slovenia. Over 200 measurement professionals from around the world attended the conference. In the same year the company launched Dewesoft X2 data acquisition software which is later in the year awarded with the title innovation of the year by Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine. In 2016 the company launched new rugged data acquisition system modules for field measurements named KRYPTON® ONE. The process of changing ownership began in the same year. Knez and Orozen made it possible for employees to buy shares. They also opened direct sales and support offices in Brazil. In 2017 Dewesoft builded business accelerator Katapult which was intended to support local hardware startups. Also 70% of Dewesofts employees buy company shares and become company shareholders. They opened direct sales and support offices in Sweden and the United Kingdom. 2018 was the year of the 4th international Dewesoft Measurement Conference in Lasko, Slovenia. They hosted over 400 measurement professionals from around the world which discussed future data acquisition technologies. They also hosted Miss Slovenia at the conference. In the same year data acquisition and real-time control product line IOLITE was launched. It merges data acquisition and real-time control front-end systems for industrial data acquisition applications. Four new direct sales and support offices were opened in the same year namely Belgium, Denmark, India and Italy. In 2019 Dewesoft acquired the Austrian companies TVE Elektronische Systeme GMBH and DEWEnet. Also NASA Tech Briefs Magazine awarded KRYPTON® ONE product as Product Of The Month.In early 2020 Dewesoft announces the 5th international Dewesoft Measurement Conference 2020 in Lasko. In addition, they opened direct sales and support offices in Mexico.


2. Organization

In 2016 the owners of Dewesoft, Knez in Orozen, decided to change the ownership of the company. From then on, twice a year, they offer their employees to buy shares of the company. Shares can be bought only internally, no external investor is included.This is how the company became 100% employee-owned and completely self-financed.

Since 2010 the company has developed their own software solutions and as well has its own, independent production of the data acquisition instruments. Therefore, development, design, testing and production is located in their headquarters in Slovenia.

They launched the new Monodaq brand in 2017, which offers lower cost products.

The company with its own sales market covers countries that generate two-thirds of global GDP. Their most important markets are Germany, USA and China. Although focused on external countries the company also collaborates with national companies in the field of automotive and aerospace industries. The company has its sales offices, support or distributors in 51 countries all over the world. Those are: Austria, Belgium, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, United States, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa.

Dewesoft is also rated with Bisnode rating AAA. In 2014 they received ISO 9001 certificate and in 2018 ISO 14001 certificate. Those standards are committed to the highest standards of quality for development and manufacturing processes.

Dewesoft employs people with various professions. The software engineers who work with software and develop code for applications and systems. Hardware engineers who design measurement instruments. They also employ application engineers in the field of automotive, aerospace, aviation, civil engineering, power and general test and measurement. The development and manufacture of the measurement instruments happens in the hands of product assemblers. Mechanical engineers are used for CNC manufacturing. Test engineers test the software and hardware produced in the company. Dewesoft has its own technical support located in the headquarters. Sales engineers who combine technical knowledge with sales. Marketing and communication team take care of the Dewesoft brand and they also support the sales team. Project managers take over projects around different countries. Calibration and quality control who take care for thoroughly checked instruments before being sent to a final customer. Web developers who build web applications and websites and at last Dewesoft has its own accounting and finance administrators.


3. Products

Dewesoft was created for development of software which would offer support to the Austrian company Dewetron. Dewetron had already established a strong position on the measurement market and together with Dewesofts software they acquired a global market. Dewesoft even started to work for the space agency, NASA, offering them support in development of the new digital interfaces. Some years later Dewesoft started to produce their own hardware for data acquisition. In 2008 they created their first measurement instrument known as DEWE-43 which received the Product of the Year award by NASA. With its next product so-called SIRIUS®, the company progressed even higher. They updated their line of instruments with KRYPTON® products, which was designed for distributed measurements to approximate data capture to sensors. The Dewesofts products are designed and manufactured in its headquarters located in Trbovlje, Slovenia. Around 60 employees take care of the ideas development. They are also producing new electronic circuits and housings of instruments. The team is also responsible for the updates of the existing software.


3.1. Products Data acquisition hardware

This is the list of the Dewesofts products includes standard data acquisition systems, rugged data acquisition systems, data acquisition and real-time control systems, sensors, actuators, and interfaces.

  • CAN USB interfaces
  • Current transducers
  • GPS receivers, Gyroscopes and Inertial Measurement Units IMU
  • SIRIUS® and SIRIUS® Waterproof
  • R8/R8D/R8DB/R8B/R8rt
  • R1DB
  • Vibration shakers
  • DEWE-43A
  • R4/R4rt/R4-HUB
  • R2/R2DB/R2rt/R2-HUB
  • SBOX and SBOX Waterproof
  • IOLITE® data acquisition and real-time control
  • High-speed video cameras

3.2. Products Data acquisition Software

The software played an important role in Dewesofts history as the company was the provider of data acquisition software to its alliance partner Dewetron. In 2001 they released their first data acquisition software called Dewesoft 5.0 which was sold in the US and Asia markets. The biggest breakthrough in the development of their software happened in 2012 when they launched a new, revised data acquisition software package named Dewesoft X. With this product the company completely abandoned support for 3rd party analog data acquisition hardware. The core of Dewesoft software was written in the programming language Delphi which has slowly loosened the popularity among programmers. As a replacement it has proved the programming language C++, which enables high speed and responsiveness. After many updates and modifications Dewesoft started offering their software to the buyers of their hardware, free of any charges with a lifetime guarantee on updates. Dewesoft X supports interfaces in the list below.

  • Vehicle bus systems: CAN bus, OBDII on CAN, CAN FD, J1939 and J1587, XCP, CCP, LIN bus, FlexRay, Kistler KiRoad, MTS road simulator integration, Testbed AK-protocol support, ETAS INCA over CAN, SENT SAE J2716
  • Industrial bus systems: Siemens S7, Modbus, OPC-UA, EtherCAT
  • Digital, counter and encoder
  • Navigational GPS/GNSS and Inertial Navigation
  • Video DirectX video cameras, high-speed video cameras, IR thermal video cameras
  • Analog data: IEPE/ICP, Charge, Strain, Stress, LVDT, Voltage, Current Resistance, Thermocouple, RTD
  • Aerospace interfaces: IRIG-108 CHAPTER 10, IRIG CHAPTER 4, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553


4. Applications

The Dewesoft data acquisition systems can be used for various applications shown in the list below.

  • NVH
  • Condition Based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • Vehicle testing
  • Aerospace Telemetry
  • Acoustics
  • Structural dynamics
  • Power Analysis and Power Quality
  • Vibration analysis

5.1. Community Katapult

The Dewesoft company established an entrepreneurial accelerator next to their headquarters named Katapult. Katapult was founded with the idea of helping young entrepreneurs with their first steps in their business path especially in the Zasavje region. Startup companies have available infrastructure of Katapults building and Dewesofts mentorship and equipment. Katapult offers offices, working spaces, production spaces, conference rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. The goal of Katapult is reducing the costs of startups by integrating them into the joint supply chains of all participating companies. Dewesoft aims to attract companies developing their own products in Katapult. The most successful companies so far have been, More Than Beauty, Chipolo, Ironate Pizza, Zoyo Baby, Hillstrike, Spacelink and SOS school.


5.2. Community Universities

The company is cooperating with research organizations particularly with University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor. Dewesoft also received in 2016 solemn deed from University of Maribor for extraordinary achievements and merits in scientific research which contributed to the development of University of Maribor. The company in this spirit organizes conferences and training for students who are entering their career path.