ⓘ Fides quaerens intellectum means faith seeking understanding or faith seeking intelligence. It is the theological method stressed by Augustine and Anselm of Can ..


ⓘ Fides quaerens intellectum

Fides quaerens intellectum means "faith seeking understanding" or "faith seeking intelligence". It is the theological method stressed by Augustine and Anselm of Canterbury in which one begins with belief in faith and on the basis of that faith moves on to further understanding of Christian truth. Anselm uses this expression for the first time in his Proslogion. It articulates the close relationship between faith and human reason. This is the key to Anselms theological thought and philosophical thinking. He would understand all things in faith. It means to understand intellectually what we already believe. Chronologically, faith precedes understanding, like when small children first trust their parents and believe what they state, and it is only later on, when they grow up, that they want to examine and understand the reality by themselves. In the words of Anselm of Canterbury: "Neque enim quaero intelligere ut credam, sed credo ut intelligam".

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