ⓘ Black box, disambiguation. A black box is a device, object, or system whose inner workings are unknown; only the stimuli inputs and output reactions are known c ..


ⓘ Black box (disambiguation)

A black box is a device, object, or system whose inner workings are unknown; only the "stimuli inputs" and "output reactions" are known characteristics.

Black box may also refer to:


1.1. Science and technology Transportation

  • Flight operations quality assurance
  • Accident data recorder, an optional vehicle installable device to record information related to near traffic accidents
  • Quick access recorder
  • Flight recorder, an aircraft-borne device used in disaster investigation, consisting of a flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder
  • Event data recorder, a device installed in some automobiles to record information related to vehicle crashes or accidents
  • Train event recorder, a device that records data about the operation of train controls and performance
  • Voyage data recorder, a device designed to collect data from various sensors on board a ship

1.2. Science and technology Computing

  • Sun Modular Datacenter, prototype name Project Blackbox
  • BlackBox Component Builder, software development environment for Component Pascal
  • Black box theory, a systems engineering theory for black boxes
  • Blackbox, a window manager that works on X Window System platforms
  • Black-box testing, a form of software testing that involves adjusting inputs to an application without reference to the source code of the application

1.3. Science and technology Medicine

  • Any of a number of devices developed and sold by Albert Abrams, based on the pseudo-science of radionics
  • Black box warning, a type of warning that may be applied to medicines in the United States

2. Film and television

  • The Black Box 2005 film, a French mystery film
  • The Black Box serial, a 1915 film serial
  • Black Box 2013 film
  • Survival in the Sky, a TV series on the investigations of aviation accidents known as Black Box in the UK
  • Black Box 2002 film, Argentine film Caja Negra
  • Black Box 1978 film, American film by Scott B and Beth B
  • Black Box TV series, a 2014 ABC television series
  • Black Box The Outer Limits, an episode from the 1995 revival of that TV series

3. Games

  • Black Box game, board and computer game
  • The Black Box, a canceled video game; See The Orange Box
  • Blackbox video game, an iOS puzzle game
  • EA Black Box, the video game studio formerly known as Black Box Games

4. Literature

  • The Black Box novel by Michael Connelly
  • La boite noire "The Black Box", a Spirou et Fantasio comic album
  • Black Box comics a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Marvel Universe
  • Blackbox novel by Nick Walker
  • Black Box novel, by Israeli writer Amos Oz
  • Black Box short story, a short story by Jennifer Egan


5. Music

  • Black Box Brown Eyed Girls album, album by South Korean group Brown Eyed Girls
  • The Black Box album, a box set album by Danish rock band Gasolin
  • "Black Box" song, debut single of Australian Idol winner Stan Walker
  • Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath 1970–1978, a Black Sabbath album
  • Black Box – Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years, a Wax Tax Box set album
  • Black Box band, Italo/electronic dance music group
  • Black Box Naked City album, compilation album by Naked City
  • A Black Box, an album by Peter Hammill

6. Other uses

  • Black box art museum, a type of museum design for modern artworks
  • Censor bars
  • Black box theater, simple unadorned performance space
  • Black Box Corporation, a supplier of computer network hardware based in Pennsylvania, US
  • Black box fiction, a fiction trope
  • Black box trading or algorithmic trading
  • Nuclear football, the briefcase that accompanies the President of the United States and contains nuclear missile launch codes, nicknamed "Black Box"